`Out of control drinker` Jimmy Fallon is `mess`

Melbourne, November 2(ANI): Ariana Grande just made a musical mistake with her new single ‘Focus’ when she grabbed a trumpet wrong.

At the end of the jazzy video, a purple-haired Grande and her girl gang is seen grabbing trumpets and tubas, but people, who know about the instrument, are claiming that the 22-year-old songstress is holding it wrong, reports News.com.au.

Soon after the buzz came out, comments like, “Focus sucks bc frickin ariana grande isn’t even holding the trumpet correctly,” flooded the social networking sites.

Robert Sullivan, a music professor at Northwestern University and a former principal trumpet with the New York Philharmonic, said that Grande’s hand position holding the trumpet is not ideal, nor what most trumpet teachers would recommend.

Sullivan added that most trumpeters place two to four fingers from their left hand above the slide while Grande only uses one. (ANI)

^London, Nov.2 (ANI): The NBC seems to be really worried about Jimmy Fallon’s drinking, which is said to be getting out of control, as he reportedly injured himself for a third time in four months

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