Over 1,000 visits to Disneyland by Hong Kong couple

Hong Kong, Nov 3 (IANS) A Hong Kong couple who are die-hard fans of Mickey Mouse have been to Disneyland 1,100 times in nine years, the media reported on Tuesday.

The couple started purchasing the Disneyland annual pass in 2006. They have been to Disneyland 132 times already this year, or 13 times per month, the China Daily reported.

They keep two rooms to store all the Mickey Mouse souvenirs and products they have bought, saying Disneyland is part of their life.

According to the husband, He Weiwen, they spend all their significant days, like birthdays, Christmas and New Year’s in Disneyland and they have visited Disneylands in other countries such as Japan, the US and France.

The couple and their relatives all have different membership cards at Disneyland.

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