Over 6,000 hate crimes reported in UK post-Brexit

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London, July 23 (IANS) More than 6,000 hate crimes have been reported to police in England, Wales and Northern Ireland in the wake of the referendum paving a way for the UK to exit the European Union, official figures have revealed.

There was a slight fall in reports in the first half of July compared with an initial spike in the days before and after the June 23 vote, the BBC reported citing the National Police Chief’s Council as saying on Friday.

But the overall level was up 20 per cent on the same period in July 2015.

Police chiefs said the figures were “still far too high”.

There were 3,192 alleged hate crimes reported between June 16-30 this year and a further 3,001 reports between July 1-14 — equivalent to more than 200 every day, BBC reported citing the figures.

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It was previously revealed that the daily rate peaked at 289 reports on June 25 – the day after the result of the referendum was announced.

Scotland Yard deputy commissioner Craig Mackey said the Brexit vote appeared to have “unleashed something in people”.



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