Oz radio show won’t feature ‘Kardashians’

Melbourne, Oct 18 (ANI): Now-a-days Kardashians are a part of almost every reality show, but recently an Australian radio company NOVA’s hosts have declared that they won’t feature any of the Kardashian family members in their show.

NOVA’s renowned hosts Kate Ritchie, Tim Blackwell and Marty Sheargold revealed that their show will be a “Kardashian-free zone”, News.com.au reported.

Sheargold admitted that he has proposed this idea to not to talk about Kardashians because they’re “awful human beings” and people have had enough of them.

In addition to this, Sheargold said that they will not cover Kardashians unless it’s their ‘death’.

The radio show was inundated with callers and tweets supporting their stance, with one listener saying that Kardashians are disgusting.

Notably, there were reports surfacing recently that Kardashians were criticised for running to see Lamar Odom in the Las Vegas hospital but with their crew members holding cameras so that they can use the footage in their upcoming ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ episodes. (ANI)

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