Padalecki finds Calvert’s addition to ‘Supernatural’ phenomenal

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Los Angeles, March 27 (IANS) Actor Jared Padalecki, who has been playing Sam Winchester on “Supernatural” since 2005, says the addition of actor Alexander Calvert to the fantasy drama has been phenomenal.

Calvert entered the American show, which is aired in India on AXN, as the son of Lucifer. He is half-human and half-angel.

Asked what are the key ingredients to a good “Supernatural” season, Padalecki told “We’ve had a few seasons that went a bit too far left or right, but now the bosses have figured out that there’s a recipe that works.”

“They’ll add new spices and mix it up, but they don’t try and reinvent the wheel. The addition of Alexander (Calvert) this year has just been phenomenal. His character is not someone we’ve ever encountered before.”

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Some of Padalecki’s favourite seasons have dealt with a “very real threat, the introduction of a new character, and a little humour spattered throughout – or, as is the case with the Scooby episode, something outside the box”.

His co-star Jensen Ackles, who has been part of the show’s “family business” as Dean Winchester since its first season, said: “There’s got to be a good struggle with the brothers, either with each other or with a very good foe. Having a good big bad is always key, but also having a clear mission is vital.”



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