Pak, China to install 350MW coal power plant in Karachi

Karachi, Feb.29 (ANI): Pakistan and China have signed a contract to build a coal-fired power plant near Bin Qasim port in Karachi.

Radio Pakistan reported that the work on the plant having a capacity of 350MW will start in July which will be completed in 31 months.

The agreement was signed between China’s state-owned Harbin Electric Corporation and Pakistan Siddiqsons Energy.

Pakistan has been using oil and gas to meet two-thirds of its electricity demand.

However, time and again, the country was left at the mercy of price fluctuations in the international markets, especially as its own gas reserves depleted.

The country now aims to add 8,100 megawatts (MW) through coal to its system.

The obvious reason for using coal is energy economics as electricity produced using coal is cheaper than both oil and gas.

While use of alternatives, like wind, solar and hydel has also been encouraged, coal-based power plants remain most viable for investors and national grid.(ANI)

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