Pak defence minister’s statement on nuclear weapons ‘irresponsible’: Defence expert

New Delhi, July 8 (ANI): Defence expert Raj Kadyan on Wednesday termed Pakistan Defence Minister Khawaja Asif’s remark on use of nuclear weapons as ‘irresponsible’, saying that if Islamabad ever indulges in such ‘foolish adventurism’ then they will be wiped out from the map.

“This kind of talk on use of nuclear weapons shows a high degree of irresponsibility. Sometime back Musharraf had also said it. But coming from country’s defence minister, it is a very serious matter and a very irresponsible statement on part of the defence minister. He has said that ‘if needed for our survival we may use nuclear weapons’ let me assure him that if you use nuclear weapons then it will not be for survival, it will be your destruction,” Kadyan told ANI.

“If ever they involve in this kind of foolish adventurism, then India may absorb the loss but Pakistan will disappear from the map. They should be discreet about it, and not go around brandishing it,” he added.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant General (Retired) P N Hoon said that people of India were not bothered by such statements by Pakistan.

“I thank him for us this information that will be using it. I don’t think it bothers us. People of India know what Pakistan is. I want to warn Pakistan that if they dare use.then Pakistan will go up in the air,” he said.

According to reports, Asif had earlier said that it will use nuclear weapons if its survival is at stake.

Asif also reportedly accused India of waging a proxy war against the country through terrorism. (ANI)

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