Pak ex-military officers celebrate ‘victory’ over India at gala

Mississauga, September 11 (CINEWS): In the minds of millions of Pakistanis, India received a military trouncing in the 1965 war. Last Sunday, hundreds of ex-Pakistani military officers and their families who’ve moved to Canada over the years held a victory celebratory gala in Mississauga. protest
Pro-India groups ignored the event but outside the hall were a handful of outraged Baloch Canadians protesting the event. According to reports, besides celebrating Pakistan’s ‘victory’ over India in the 1965 war, they spewed venom and indulged in propaganda designed to turn the next generation anti-Indian too.
The Baloch protesters are upset that many of these ex-army military officers who are being allowed into the country even though some of them may be having blood on their hands. The war against the separatists in Balochistan is considered Pakistan’s dirty little secret and there have been dozens of documented war crimes being committed by the armed forces against separatists dubbed terrorists.
According to sources Canada is a top destination for Pakistan’s military personnel who allegedly bring their ill-gotten wealth. “Many of them are buying million dollar plus properties in and around the GTA and buy small businesses as fronts,” said a source.
Tarek Fatah an influential journalist and activist who was among the protesters demanded the Canadian Government to ban the ‘Pakistan Armed Forces Association of Canada’ as an outfit of war criminals and deport them back to Pakistan.

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