Pakistan denying visa to Anupam Kher sends a contradictory signal: BJP

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New Delhi, Jan. 2 (ANI): Former home secretary and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP R.K. Singh on Tuesday said that the Pakistan High Commission denying a visa to actor Anupam Kher to attend the Karachi Literary Festival sends a contradictory signal on what Islamabad wants.

“I think this is very unfortunate and this also shows the mentality of some elements in Pakistan, and this also sends a contradictory signal. On the one hand, you say that you want normal relations whith us (India), and on the other hand, you deny a visa to one of our leading artists,” Singh told ANI here.

Singh asked, “I want to know where are those ‘so called’ intellectuals who were protesting when Ghulam Ali was not allowed to come. Where are their voices?”

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Singh further said that He (Anupam Kher) was raising voice on the right thing as Kashmiri pandit has become refugee in their own country.

“So, the issue he was raising was right. And to deny a visa on that account by Pakistan sends a wrong message on what Pakistan wants. You can look at it in connection with an incident where one of Kohli’s fan was given 10 year jail. I mean what does Pakistan wants? They should be clear about it,” he added.

Kher, who was to attend the Karachi Literature Festival on February 5, has been denied visa by Pakistan.

Talking to ANI, Kher said that he was very sad and disappointed that out of 18 participants, 17 were given a visa and he was denied.

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However, the Pakistani High Commission has refuted Kher’s claim and said that they have received no visa application from the actor.

The actor was denied a Pakistani visa in May 2015 as well, when he wanted to visit Pakistan to attend a literary festival in Lahore. (ANI)

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