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Pakistan embassy resumes visa for Afghan patients

Islamabad, Nov 7 (IANS) The Pakistan embassy in Kabul has resumed issuing visa on medical grounds despite the closure of consular services due to harassment of Pakistani officials by Afghan intelligence agencies, according to an official statement.

However, the counselors section will remain closed, The Express Tribune reported citing the statement as saying on Wednesday.

On Monday, the Pakistan Embassy announced the closure of the visa section for an indefinite period due to security concerns.

The Foreign Office on Sunday issued a statement that said Pakistani diplomats in Kabul were being harassed.

It had also summoned Afghan Charge d’Affaires to protest against the incident.

A Pakistan Embassy official told The Express Tribune that they closed the visa section after two incidents of harassment were reported in the Afghan capital.

Scores of Afghan citizens – particularly students, patients, and businessmen – have been affected by the closure.

The Afghan Consulate in Peshawar is still closed for the last three weeks over a land dispute between a Pakistani citizen and the Afghan government.

The Supreme Court has ruled in favour of the Pakistani citizen and dismissed the Afghan government claims of ownership.

Kabul has refused to accept the decision and claimed the property belongs to the Afghan National Bank.




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