Pakistan rakes up Kashmir at any given opportunity, says C. Uday Bhaskar

New Delhi, 0ct.13 (ANI): Defence analyst Commodore C. Uday Bhaskar on Tuesday said Pakistan uses every opportunity to rake up the Kashmir issue.

“On July 4, 1999, when Nawaz Sharif met the then U.S. President Bill Clinton, and it was really something to find some kind of a face saving exit as far as the Kargil misadventure was concerned, and to that extent, Pakistan will use every opportunity to quote ‘internationalise Kashmir’,” he said.

He said India has consistently maintained that Kashmir and other unresolved issues have to be addressed within the bilateral context, as agreed between the two countries in 1972 when the Shimla Agreement was signed.

“Pakistan has tried to project itself as the victim of intimidation by India, and, I think, this is where Indian diplomacy has to be alert to ensure that Pakistan doesn’t get a sympathetic response. So, it is very important for India to expose Pakistan’s duplicity about terrorism and the support of establishments by Pakistan to terror groups against India,” Commodore Bhaskar told ANI here.

“India has conveyed in most of the International forums that it will not be possible for her to entire into any positive dialogue if Pakistan continues its violations,” he added.

Sharif is expected to meet President Obama on October 22 in Washington. (ANI)

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