Pakistan Supreme Court directs Govt. to adopt Urdu as official language

Karachi, Sept. 9 (ANI): Pakistan Supreme Court has directed the Government to adopt Urdu as the official language, dismissing the use of the colonial language as it could not be understood by the public.

According to The Express Tribune, the announcement highlighted the significance of the issue raised by the petitions that sought to adopt Urdu as the official language.

A three-member bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Jawwad S Khawaja announced the judgment.

The bench announced nine-point guidelines, saying that successive governments had failed to implement constitutional provisions and that the court was left with no other option but to issue some rules.

The judgment has been sent to the federal and provincial secretaries, who expected to take immediate steps for implementation of article 251 in line with article 5 of the constitution as well as submit reports showing compliance with the court orders. (ANI)

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