Pakistani mob beats mother as son doesn’t resemble her

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Lahore, Aug 16 (IANS) A woman mistaken as a child abductor was thrashed by a mob in Pakistan’s Lahore when she was with a minor who, in fact, was her own son.

Sadia, of Bogiwal in Lahore, got injured after she was beaten up by people who got suspicious because “her complexion did not match with her son”, the Dawn reported.

The newspaper reported that the woman was caught by a mob as she allegedly tried to sneak into a house to steal. The people wary when they saw a 10-year-old boy with the woman.

Since the boy didn’t resemble his mother, they started beating the woman. However, she was rescued by a nearby family and handed over to police.

Police later confirmed that the boy was indeed her son and set the woman free. She has refused to register a complaint against the mob.

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The Dawn said the Sunday night incident was not the first when a mob took law into its own hand. More than 25 people, including women, were beaten up on mere suspicion of kidnapping children earlier. But all the suspects turned out to be innocent and had nothing to do with child kidnapping.



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