Pamela Anderson reveals `crazy fan` once secretly lived in her abode

London, Sept.19 (ANI): Fans can go to any extent to meet or interact with their favourite celebrities, and it is revealed that one of Pamela Anderson’s fans was found secretly living in her house.

In a recent interview, the 48-year-old actress opened up about the terrifying experience, and said she believed that a fanatic fan had been living in her house for three or four days, the Daily Express reports.

The ‘Barb Wire’ actress further revealed that a homeless person went into her home and was living in her guest house with her Baywatch bathing suit on.

“I called security who couldn’t find her, and then, she was in my house. Things kept going missing, where’s that loaf of bread? Where’s my jean jacket? And I’d be like ‘Am I going crazy?’ She was there for three or four days, she added.

The ‘Scary Movie 3’ star further said that her sons Brandon and Dylan were just four and two at that time.

Notably, Pamela revealed that now she has kept her iconic red bather locked up. (ANI)

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