Paralysed man uses `brain power` to walk 12 feet

London, Sept. 24 (ANI): A wheel-chair-bound paralysed man has become the first person to walk using the power of his brain.

The man walked 12 feet after electric signals taken from his brain travelled down to electrodes placed around his knees, which created movement, Daily Express reports.

According to researchers, this was the first case of someone being able to walk using their brain without robotic limbs after a spinal cord injury.

They claim that their findings showed it was possible to use direct brain control to get a paralysed person’s legs to walk again.

The man walked using an electroencephalogram (EEG) based system where electric signals travelled down to the electrodes around his knees and the information received by the electrodes then helped to him to move his legs.

Researcher An Do of the University of California said that even after years of paralysis the brain could still generate robust brain waves that could be harnessed to enable basic walking. (ANI)

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