Paramedic scheduling system full of glitches

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A risk assessment of the $17-million scheduling system has now wrapped up, but software glitches are still an issue a year later.

The problem is that on-duty paramedics don’t always show up in the system, leading them to miss nearby calls which could have very serious consequences.

Launched in February 2017 for Toronto Paramedic Services, the software scheduling system is supplied by Kronos Inc., a Massachusetts-based workforce management software and service company.

Meanwhile Mayor John Tory remains confident that this $17 million scheduling system will do what it was supposed to do.

The TPS’s response time to emergency calls have not been impacted. But there is always a fear that an imperfect system could cause a fatal delay which then could cost the city millions in legal fees and damages.

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The problem is that even if all the glitches are fixed eventually, there could still be something that could go wrong. -CINEWS

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