Paramount to distribute 150,000 water bottles during Ramadan

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Canadian Muslims will be going without food and water for over sixteen hours, every day during the month of Ramadan.

This is the month when each day for an entire month, Muslims abstain from eating, drinking, smoking and sexual activity from sunrise to sunset to focus on spirituality, good deeds and charity. 

“It’s a time of reflection and perseverance,” Islamic Relief Canada said in a statement.,

Mohamad Fakih, the president and CEO of Paramount Fine Foods,  approached  Islamic Relief Canada, one of the largest leading Muslim charities with the idea of helping those who are fasting stay hydrated during night prayers. Together, both parties came up with the idea of delivering water bottles in mosques across the Greater Toronto Area. Paramount is a distributor of Halal and Middle Eastern food in Canada.

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CEO of Paramount Mohamad Fakih says: “Many Muslims will be attending evening prayers known as “taraweeh” which can go on till past midnight. We want to make sure everyone is hydrated and having water bottles during these evening prayers makes this much easier. We hope to target almost every mosque in the Greater Toronto Area.”

CEO of Islamic Relief Canada Zaid Al-Rawni said: “Fasting during the summer months without water can be very difficult. I really admire those who are volunteering their time driving around the GTA, collecting water bottles, loading them onto their vehicles and travelling to mosques to deliver them. Doing all of this while fasting and unable to drink water takes a huge amount of passion and dedication.” – CINEWS

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