Parent fights to omit gender on BC child’s birth certificate

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A parent in BC’s Slocan Valley is fighting to omit their child’s sex on their birth certificate as part of a broader effort to keep gender from being included on government documents.

Kori Doty gave birth to Searyl Atli at a friend’s home last November. Doti, a non-binary trans parent who doesn’t identify as either male or female, (and prefers to use the pronoun they), wants to keep Searyl’s gender off all official records.

The province is refusing to issue Searyl a birth certificate with no gender on it, although last month the province did acquiesce and send out the child’s health card with a “U” for gender, presumably for “undetermined” or “unassigned,” so they could access medical services.

B.C. birth certificates currently only accommodate a male or female gender designation.

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Ontario and Alberta, are currently reviewing their policies to include a third, non-binary gender option on the documents.

The same argument is being presented as part of a case currently in front of the BC Human Rights Tribunal, of which Doty is one of eight complainants wanting to change their own certificates.
The omission, the group argues should apply to all government documents for everyone in BC and Canada. -CINEWS

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