Parineeti Chopra named brand ambassador for Sugar Free

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The new Mantra is to pursue consumers to give up sugar while retaining sweetness

 Bollywood actor Parineeti Chopra has been signed on as brand ambassador for Sugar Free, the market leader in the sugar substitute category in India.

As part of its new brand campaign, the actor will be seen in a new television commercial that goes on air across GECs and news channels in the country. Sugar Free has also taken a step forward to reinvent itself and position the brand as a healthy alternate to direct consumption of sugar. The brand’s new tagline –Smartness Waali Sweetness – is aimed at attracting the audience to make a healthy choice of giving up sugar while continuing to retain sweetness.

Talking about the new SF campaign, Mr. Tarun Arora, COO, Zydus Wellness said, “Our new campaign is all about making smarter choices. Today, consumers are inundated with a variety of options – be it foods, consumer goods or even health. Sugar Free is their partner in making an intelligent, smart choice of taste without having to give up on their indulgences. The concept of ‘Smartness Waali Sweetness’ emphasizes on the smarter choice – To give up sugar, not the sweetness.”

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Smarter, healthier lifestyle

Mr Arora added, “Sugar Free is immensely proud to associate with one of Bollywood’s finest actors in today’s age, Parineeti Chopra. Her transformation, which is a reflection of her dedication and her willpower to make smart health choices resonated well with what we intended to say to our consumers. We have no doubt that this association with Parineeti will provide a good reason to the consumer and inspire them to opt for a smarter, healthier lifestyle without much compromise or change.”

Parineeti Chopra has been the talk of the town with her recent transformation from a bubbly girl-next-door persona to becoming the poster-girl for fitness. She is the new youth icon to relate with when it comes to being fit; a true embodiment of the brand’s philosophy of bringing in a fitter lifestyle.”

Parineeti Chopra said, “I am excited to be a part of this journey. I have always had a sweet tooth and can totally relate to how difficult it can be for someone to give up on sugar. It’s great how Sugar Free can help one to be off sugar but not sweetness. Healthy foods are not the only option. Making a healthy choice, consciously helps. Even during my weight loss transition, I fulfilled all my cravings just by opting for some smarter choices. Sugar Free was a natural fit for me to associate with and I took up the opportunity at the first instance. I haven’t given up on my indulgences. Just made some smart moves.”

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Role of sister-in-law

The new TVC which went on air on 5th May 2016, sees Parineeti playing the role of a young sister-in-law prodding her brother-in-law to make a smart choice by adding Sugar Free to his post-work out nimbu paani. The campaign will be supported by a surround marketing plan including print, on-ground and digital media engagement. The new TVC is directed by Prashant Madan from Nirvana Films.

Over the last one year, Sugar Free has been undertaking a slew of activities that propagate the need to make healthier choices. This is keeping in mind the changing lifestyles that are being witnessed today which are a leading cause for obesity and other lifestyle conditions. The new campaign by Sugar Free is an effort to push people to make smarter, healthy choices while continuing to live the regular lives.

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Sugar Free has a strong presence in India with a 93% market share of the Rs 319 crore sugar substitute category and growing at a rate of 7.5% per annum. The brand is well distributed across the country, with a presence in 4 lakh outlets. The brand has come a long way in twenty-five years of its existence. It has transformed from an ethical brand of sugar substitute for diabetic patients to a lifestyle brand for the calorie conscious, busy, and healthy lifestyle-seeking urban dweller. Sugar Free is identified with and virtually is the category. It has gained strong equity amongst consumers, retailers, and health experts (chemists + physicians). – PRNEWSwire

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