Paris attack: a coordinated one, says France 24 correspondent

New Delhi, Nov. 14 (ANI): Shocked by the fatal attack in Paris where over 150 are feared dead, France 24 correspondent on Saturday said the attack is a co-ordinated and well planned one.

“This is really huge, six attacks simultaneously is very huge and very shocking for us. It is a very co-ordinate and well planned attack. This attack in the heart of Paris killing innocent people, it could be me or anyone. We knew that France is in target number one right now for few months and years. There is ongoing military operation against Al-Qaeda in Africa and France has been taking lead in that,” said France 24 correspondent, Camille Le Pomellec told ANI here.

The French capital was left in mourning and the world in unbelievable shock as scores were killed in the coordinated attacks late on Friday.

The deadly attack reportedly began in the Paris at a soccer stadium where a match was underway as explosions set off. Simultaneously, terrorists armed with AK-47s and bombs strapped to them began attacking in different sites throughout the city.

A state of emergency has been declared in France and all borders have been shut down until further notice while military reinforcements have been called in.

French President Francois Hollande sent out a strong message in a televised address to the grief and horror struck nation, asking them to stay united and swore the assailants responsible will face the consequences. (ANI)

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