Paris attacks: Media reacts with horror and condemnation

Paris, Nov 14 (IANS) The night after the terror attack here, global media reacted with horror and condemnation of the act by a handful of terrorists.

Left-leaning Paris-based Liberation calling it a “Carnage in Paris” said the line of attacks were unprecedented in the city. Right wing Le Figaro said it was “A War in the heart of Paris” while Aujourd’hui called it a “Terrorist massacre”. L’Equipe, which generally writes about sports went with one word on its cover “Horror”.

Even as the police and politicians were trying to make sense of the attacks which killed over 120 people in five attacks, many papers in their reports talked about how the attackers could move and kill with ease.

Courrier Picard called it a “Bloody night in the streets of Paris”, while La Provence said it was a “Night of carnage. I am Paris,” taking off from the January attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine when the cry of “I am Charlie” went around in solidarity with the weekly.

Across the English Channel, The Times went with a banner of “Massacre in Paris” and so did The Daily Telegraph and The Sun. The Guardian headlined “Terror returns to heart of Paris” Most European papers did not yet have a full picture of the attack or the death toll when they went to bed, which rose as the hours went by.

In the US, The New York Times brought in the angle of the Emergency declaration too, while The Washington Post called it an “Assault on Paris”.

In India, the attacks came in too late for the papers to carry.

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