Paris Jackson returned on stage a day after surgery for Abscess

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Los Angeles, Aug 13 (IANS) Actress-model Paris Jackson underwent surgery to remove an abscess – and despite the pain, she was onstage the next day to perform with her new band, The Soundflowers.

“So long story short, I had surgery yesterday,” the 20-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson said on Saturday, in a video posted on her band’s Instagram story, reports

Continuing, she said that she had “an abscess that was almost the size of a golf ball.”

She told her followers that if an abscess pops, “you can go septic and die.”

“But I didn’t die,” she assured the group’s followers. “They operated immediately.”

An abscess is a “pocket of pus” that can occur “almost anywhere” in the body, according to the US National Library of Medicine.

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Jackson went on to share that while doctors told her she probably should have been under anaesthesia for the procedure, she declined and “was awake for all of it.”



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