Parsi food festival in Mississauga

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It isn’t often you hear about a Parsi Food Festival in Canada, but there is one happening in at Maharaja restaurant located in Mississauga, it has the distinction of being the GTA’s first boutique restaurant. This festival runs between 16th – 21st August.

The Parsi Food Festival is only open for dinner and one needs to make reservations. While popular dishes feature nightly on the menu, otherwise there are different dishes featured.

Parsi food is almost a fusion between Persian and Gujarati cuisines given its roots. Meat is a dominant feature on the menu and even Parsi vegetarians are known to have fish and egg on the menu.

Foodies who aren’t familiar with Parsi cuisine would be pleasantly surprised to experience such a scrumptious cuisine. Don’t miss the Dhansak, made with three kinds of lentils, vegetables and a secret Dhansak masala, it’s a Parsi speciality traditionally made with mutton.

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Don’t miss the Patra ni Machchi, a wedding favorite. It is fish coated with chutney, wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed, usually the fish is pomfret.

And ofcourse no Parsi meal can be complete without Lagan nu Custard a variation of the English custard, this sweet treat features condensed milk in addition to milk, eggs and sugar and is laced with cardamom and nutmeg . For more information visit

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