Patriarchal society creates hurdles for women, says Sonam

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Sonam addresses a women entrepreneur exhibition.

Actress Sonam Kapoor feels the patriarchal nature of the Indian society creates impediments for women to succeed in life.

Speaking at IMC Ladies’ Wing opening of Women Entrepreneur exhibition, Sonam said, “Ours is a patriarchal society and for professional women we have a lots of odd stacked against us where we are judged in a superficial way.  We are seen as we are not capable or strong. It is very unfair.”

Sonam is positive that things are changing for the better. “I am hoping things will be better. I am an optimist. If we help women, our society gets better. They are the foundation to a better india. Olympics was a great example. They would have done better had they got more support.”

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Calling upon the government to extend more support to sports and education, Sonam said, ” I would  request the government to invest more in sports and female education. The government needs to support. I have been blessed with a lot and I try to give back to my city in whatever way possible.”

Sonam Kapoor, along with Australian swimmer and Olympic medallist Stephanie Rice support a Women Entrepreneur’s Exhibition, hosted by the Ladies’ Wing of the Indian Merchant Chamber (IMC) on August 23.

A proponent of women-related causes, Stephanie said in a statement: “I have always supported women empowerment and every effort that helps to showcase their unique talents, whether it’s an athlete, an entrepreneur or an artist.

“I am honoured to be here at the IMC Ladies’ Wing Women Entrepreneur exhibition and support and encourage this noble effort.”

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The IMC’s Ladies’ Wing celebrates its golden jubilee this year and is hosting an exhibition on August 23-24. It offers an array of products ranging from lifestyle and fashion to food items and more. – CINEWS

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