PC govt. unsure about Ontario’s safe injection, overdose prevention sites

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The Ontario government is still having an internal debate over the fate of Ontario safe injection, overdose prevention sites.

A decision is expected in the coming weeks.

Overdose prevention sites are temporary facilities approved by the province to address an immediate need in a community, while safe injection sites are more permanent locations approved by the federal government after a more extensive application process.

Premier Doug Ford is not in favor of safe injection and overdose prevention sites, but the PC party has now signaled a willingness to look at its merits before abandoning the plan.

Those arguing in favor of supporting these sites say that by providing addicts the drugs and places to safely use it reduces petty crime many of these addicts turn to buy drugs. The cost of the program is said to be lower than the long-term cost to society. Fewer of these addicts end up in hospital ERs which translates into big savings. -CINEWS


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