PC impresses US, but not naysayers at home

Mumbai, October 5 (CINEWS): The much-awaited Priyanka Chopra-starrer American television series Quantico is finally out and as expected, has drawn much commentary — some positive, some negative and some on-the-fence."Mary Kom" Press Conference - 2014 Toronto International Film Festival


Interestingly, most of the US media is swaying in favour of Priyanka and her fresh appeal on American television. The New York Times called her “the strongest human asset in Quantico” and Variety praised her as the “arresting lead” among other flattering reviews.

This comes as an interesting contrast to the flak that the actress has been getting for her American accent in India. The glorifying reviews from the West however, may have Indian naysayers eating their words. A Bollywood filmmaker who has worked with Priyanka warns, “We’ve seen other flash-in-the-pan successes in the West. Barring Irrfan Khan, no Indian actor has a career in American cinema.”

Says another filmmaker friend of the actress, “Priyanka now threatens to become too big for Bollywood. At the same time, Hollywood may not be the solution. So it’s a tricky transition time for Priyanka.”

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