PC Patrick Brown’s flip flops on sex-ed

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Last year certain ethnic pockets across the GTA in particular convulsed with protests against the revised sex-ed curriculum that was eventually unveiled in the 2015 school academic year.

Earlier this week, progressive parents feared the worst when a letter from PC leader Patrick Brown to residents in the Scarborough Rouge River riding where a byelection held last night stated he would scrap the new sex-ed curriculum if he won the 2018 provincial elections.

It caused a stir and it didn’t take long for Patrick Brown to realize and admit he made a huge mistake.

“I realize this may cost me the byelection in Scarborough-Rouge River because much of the opposition was on this issue,” said Brown.

But I don’t want to win a byelection on false pretenses. If I am premier, I am not going to be scrapping sex education,” he said in an interview with CBC.

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Brown declined to say whether or not he actually wrote the letter that was sent out to constituents in the east Toronto riding.

“Ultimately on this issue, I wasn’t hands-on enough,” he said. “I’ll take full responsibility for what my team put out there in Scarborough to some homes, but ultimately, it did not reflect what I would do if I was premier.

“I’ll be honest,” said Brown, “people told me, you know, you should wait to correct the record until Friday. I said no. I don’t want anyone going to the polls on misinformation.”

The candidates in the byelection include: Raymond Cho for the Progressive Conservatives; Piragal Thiru for the Liberal Party; and Queenie Yu as an independent. This is a full list of candidates in the byelection.

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The co-chair of Cho’s campaign is Doug Ford, the former Toronto mayoral candidate and onetime councillor for Ward 2.

Brown said he took to Twitter “as soon as possible” to correct the letter because he didn’t want to be seen as trying to “curry votes.” Brown said the updated curriculum is a “hot issue” in the riding.

“I realize some of my supporters in Scarborough are passionate about this issue,” he said. “Ultimately, they went further than what I was comfortable with.”

To think that parents would decide to vote for or against a party solely based on their position on the revised sex-ed curriculum is awfully dismaying to say the least. – CINEWS

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