Peel Police tips for parents

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Peel Regional Police are asking parents to do their homework as the new school year began this Tuesday.

Several safety tips, from streetproofing to advice on how to protect electronic devices as students BYOD to school, are offered on the police website.

Here are some reminders parents can pass on to their children about their electronic devices:
• In isolated areas and while crossing roads and railway tracks, limit the use of iPods and other devices using earphones;
• Avoid using electronic devices in isolated areas or where no adults are around;
• Lock your devices when not in use and keep them with you or locked in a secure place while participating in sports or other activities;
• Record the serial number of your devices (battery compartment) and/or get the International Mobile Equipment Identification (IMEI) number by typing #06#.

Before you send your children off to school…
• Ask about their school’s safety policy
• Never put your child’s name on clothing or lunchboxes
• Make sure your child has memorized their personal information and knows how to contact you
• Teach your child to respond to situations as opposed to individuals
• Use the buddy system
• Review road safety;
• Keep current photos and information
• Test your child’s knowledge of the area by having them make a map of your neighbourhood
• Walk the route to school with your child
• Get to know your child’s friends and their parents
• Keep computers with Internet access in an active area of your home so you can monitor use
• Establish good lines of communication with your child and keep up on events in your child’s day-to-day life – CINEWS

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