Peel Region mayors have no interest in coordinating public transportation

Brampton, March 25 (CINEWS): It would be a step in the right direction given the proximity and a logical one too. Given the sprawl, and transportation woes, developing a regional transit MIWAY_ZUM32126authority to coordinate public transportation services between Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon would make economic sense. Currently it is only Caledon which has the least developed public transportation system that is keen on an integration plan. It’s champion is Mayor Allan Thompson but his counterparts in Mississauga and Brampton aren’t on board.
Mayor Thompson has raised the issue Region of Peel Council on several occasions but has got no positive response.
Just last month he suggested exploring a cost sharing of public transit that would better serve the growing number of residents in the region.
One reason could be that Mississauga has developed a reasonably good transit system which will be augmented by the Hurontario LRT in the near future. Besides the MiWay Transit is quite a hit with riders.
Instead of working with these cities, Mississauga appears keen on greater coordination with transit providers in Halton, Oakville, Brampton and Toronto to ensure a seamless and convenient transit experience for all riders.

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