Peel Region on track to have first legal pot stores

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Both Brampton and Mississauga will have its own standalone, legally-operated cannabis stores by July 2018 along with 12 other municipalities.

While this announcement didn’t come as a surprise to residents who have been bracing for their arrival, many are more concerned about its location. Now that is something that would be controversial. If for example, the cannabis store is located in a strip mall housing other businesses, those owners could worry about the kind of customers that would frequent the plaza. Others may worry about bad elements who might attempt to steal cannabis from customers or try to break into the cannabis store.

If it is close to a residential neighborhood, residents there would find some reason to protest or have the store moved elsewhere.

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However, the ultimate location will be decided in consultation with municipal officials.

When locations are identified, a notice will be published online here and at the proposed site. Residents will have the chance to ask questions and comment on the sites before they are finalized.

Ministry and LCBO officials will be meeting with city staff in the coming weeks to discuss locations, with the goal that they will not be located “in close proximity” to schools, but will be in locations where they can provide “access within communities and addressing the illegal market,” according to the website ( where updates on the plans will be provided when available. More municipalities will be identified as the government works to make pot legal.

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There will also be an opportunity to buy cannabis online.

There are so many questions about rules and regulations governing cannabis yet to be answered. But cannabis will be feature prominently in the news come 2018.

Many residents would be relieved by the news that stores won’t be located near schools. Where then? Perhaps near hospitals or even places of worship? – CINEWS

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