Peel Regional Police’s warns of new tactic used in CRA scams

Mississauga, October 2 (CINEWS): Investigators from Ontario’s Peel Regional Police Fraud Bureau are advising the public of an incident involving suspects in police uniforms attending a residence and claiming they were there to collect money on behalf of Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).
On Thursday, September 23 at about 12:30 p.m., two suspects attended a residence in the area of Bovaird Road and Kennedy Road in Brampton. The two suspects were dressed in police uniforms and demanded that the homeowner pay them money that was owed to Canada Revenue Agency.scam-alert-pic
The victim told them that he had no money and the suspects directed him to attend a bank to transfer funds to an account number that they provided. The victim then contacted 911 to report the incident. The victim didn’t sustain any injuries. The two suspects then left the residence and told the victim they would contact him later.
The first suspect is described as a white male, 6 feet tall, blonde hair, scruffy beard, wearing a full police uniform.
The second suspect is described as a white male, 6’2”, dark straight hair, scruffy facial hair, also wearing a police uniform.
Police want to remind the public that police DO NOT attend your home to make monetary collections, and if you are uncertain about the authenticity of any person in uniform ask for identification or verify by calling 911.
Police have also received numerous reports from residents having received phone, mail or emails appearing to be from CRA. These communications indicate to the receiver that either CRA owes them a refund or that they owe CRA back taxes, which is to be paid immediately. The communications will go on to instruct the receiver to provide personal information in order to either receive the benefit or pay the outstanding bill.
As per the CRA website, the CRA will not request personal information of any kind of a taxpayer by email.
For tips on dealing with such victimization, visit the Canadian Anti-fraud centre website
Consumers who feel that they have been the victim of a criminal act should contact the Fraud Bureau at (905) 453-2121, ext. 3335, to speak with an investigator who can advise them on whether the complaint is criminal in nature.

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