Peel Region’s only South Asian municipal councillor airs his views


Last week Can-India carried a piece on the issue of non-citizens being allowed to vote in municipal elections. Those supporting this believe that this is a sensible thing to do and that it somehow would result in more ethnic candidates being elected to City Halls.
This week Can-India reached out to Gurpreet Dhillon, Councillor for Brampton’s Wards 9 and 10 to ask him his views on not just this issue but another issue which many feel would achieve the same thing- a more diverse City Hall. The question we put to Gurpreet was- Should there be term limits for municipal councillors?dhillon

On Allowing Non-Citizens To Vote

I believe allowing non-citizens to vote removes an important incentive in eventually becoming a Canadian citizen. We live in the greatest and most welcoming country in the world, there is certain pride in being a Canadian citizen and I would hope we retain the current system.

On Term Limits For Councillors

I am not opposed to term limits if that’s what people want. I think it keeps things fresh, and the elected official is not working for his next term but for the people. The flip side is if you have a good Councillor who is doing good work, albeit if it’s for multiple terms, he or she should not be elected simply because he’s been there for multiple terms. In the end the people will decide through elections, or will pressure governments to bring in term limits.

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