Peel residents turn in 129 guns to police

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Peel Residents turned in 129 guns and 269 pounds of ammunition during the 2019 Spring Gun Amnesty Program. In 2018, residents turned in 34 guns and 80 pounds of ammunition. This translates into an increase of 380%.

“Removing unwanted firearms from circulation ensures they will not get into the wrong hands and be used in criminal activity. I would like to thank the residents of the Region of Peel for their cooperation and participation in this program. Their support enables our vision of A Safer Community Together,” said Chief Chris McCord.

The 2019 Gun Amnesty ran through the month of May and offered an opportunity for members of the community to safely and voluntarily surrender weapons and ammunition. The amnesty period allowed community members to turn in both unwanted legal firearms, and guns that would potentially be considered illegal, without the risk of criminal charges that might have otherwise applied. There was however no amnesty offered for people who turn in weapons that have been used in the commission of a crime and no anonymous submissions were accepted.

2019 Gun Amnesty Program Results:
• 52 homes were visited during the amnesty
• 129 firearms and x edged weapons were turned in by residents
• 269 pounds of ammunition was also turned in during the program

Peel’s Gun Amnesty Program started in 2015, the aim was to have residents voluntarily surrender unwanted or illegally-owned firearms, weapons, accessories or ammunition. There are no discernible trends resulting from past years and all efforts have enhanced public safety. -CINEWS

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  1. America should also follow what is been done in Canada only then can all the senseless killing stop. Guns kill when will America realize it. . Look at countries like Singapore and Malaysia hardly citizens die due to gun shot because guns are ban in this countries.. School children are afraid to goto school for fear of being shot. Come on when will the leaders in America wake up and stop this violence once and for all. Sadly the leaders are all spineless. I pray God will intervene and the church would intercede otherwise the future looks grim for America.