Peel to roll out new sex-ed curriculum soon

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Mississauga, March 18 (CINEWS): Many school principals in the Peel Region are understandably a little stressed as the time to roll out the new and controversial sex-ed curriculum is around the corner. Vocal opponents are against the revised curriculum claiming it is too graphic and detailed for such young minds.
The PDSB began accepting exemptions on the grounds of religious accommodation in January and once notification letters are sent home to parents two weeks prior to the classes, there is expected to be a flood of exemption requests. The grade-specific letters will explain what the child will be learning.
Currently exemptions will only be granted to individual students in the PDSB on the basis of religious accommodation. Parents will be called in for the face-to-face meeting with the school’s principal to discuss the concerns.
However, parents who are planning to send in exemption requests should keep in mind that no student will be granted exemption for classes where discussions revolve around same-sex parents and other aspects that are governed by human rights.
Exemptions could be allowed for areas around learning to identify body parts in Grade 1 for example.
Meanwhile training sessions for PDSB elementary teachers have also been rolled out. The sessions began last month and are attended by a teacher representative from each school to learn about the changes, resources and supports.
If parents think that by not allowing their children to attend sex-ed class will protect their minds from the knowledge they need given the world they live in, they are in for a rude shock. There is something called the internet on virtually every smart phone and a smart student who doesn’t even own a phone could simply borrow his or her friend’s phone and google whatever they need to know.

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