People are slowly appreciating content-driven films: Anand Tiwari

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Mumbai, Feb 1 (IANS) Actor-producer Anand Tiwari is happy that concept-driven films are getting wide appreciation.

“I feel the change has been happening constantly for the last few years, especially in the years of 2000s it has become even more evident. People are slowly appreciating content-driven films. They are now commercial successes, not just critical successes. So, that has been a great change,” Tiwari told IANS.

He added: “Hopefully, it will really ‘move the cheese’ as far as content-driven films are concerned and them getting commercially successful. If that happens, then more and more films will be green lit which are of great content, which may not have the obvious/potential stars, because there are only so many stars in India.

“While that is happening, I think there have been some nice ‘masala’ films also which have done well, but the ‘masala’ films that have resonated with audiences are the ones that are sticking. I don’t know whether too much of escapism is going to survive from hereon.

“There will be massy films in the year which will keep doing well and we all like a certain amount of escapism, that’s what cinema is also about but it will take a lot from a filmmaker to just create that fantasy and from the stars. They cannot do it as easily as they were able to,” added the “Go Goa Gone” actor.



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