People use public figures to give out thoughts, says SRK

New Delhi, Dec. 17(ANI): Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, who recently courted controversy with regard to his comments on intolerance, said that people sometimes use shoulders of a public figure to voice their thoughts.

While promoting his upcoming flick ‘Dilwale,’ the 50-year-old actor said, “There is this small thing that people need a chance to give out their expressions for which they mostly use public figures.”

He added that years back someone told him that along with fame such talks will come hand in hand, but the weird thing is that such incidents happen mostly during the time of a film release.

The ‘Happy New Year’ star further said, “I think there are advantage seekers, they try and speak, but my experience from the entertainment industry and the love that I get, I have understood that such things don’t make a difference to us neither to our films.”

Talking about things that float on social media about him, SRK said that he has seen such photo-shopped things that have shocked him, because it is a platform that gives freedom to people to speak whatever they wish to.

Claiming that he has never used social media to clarify himself, he said that there is no point in getting into an argument with a person, who talks irrelevant, adding that one needs to take social media with a pinch of salt as you cannot believe what comes up there.

Shah Rukh further said that being a public figure he has certain responsibility that’s why he doesn’t response to advantage seeking people in the same manner, not because he can’t. (ANI)

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