People will fall in love with Prof. Siras in ‘Aligarh’: Manoj Bajpai

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By A.Kameshwari

New Delhi, Feb. 4 (ANI): Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpai, who is portraying the life of a gay professor Dr. Shrinivas Ramchandra Siras in his upcoming film ‘Aligarh’, is hoping to earn respect for the latter.

The ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ actor said that he had watched a few clippings of Dr. Siras to prepare for his role.

Though the 46-year-old actor has represented the character as it is, he also agreed that the entire cast and crew of the film have added their own interpretation to the role to put Professor Siras on the highest pedestal.

“We wanted to add more beauty to the character of Shrinivas Ramchandra Siras. We wanted to put him on a pedestal in terms of innocence. So, that’s how all of us moved into one direction of creating a beautiful story out of the life of a beautiful man. My job was also to perform this character in such a dignified way that everybody who comes out of the theatre, falls in love with Professor Siras and respects him,” Bajpai told ANI in an exclusive interview.

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The actor, who was joined by film’s director Hansal Mehta, said the existence of LGBT as a different community is the result of a failed society, which is not inclusive in nature.

‘Aligarh’ is a film based on the real life incident of Dr. Shrinivas Ramchandra Siras, who was suspended from his job because of his sexual orientation.

The film, which is scheduled to release on February 26, stars Manoj Bajpai as Professor Siras and Rajkumar Rao as a journalist. (ANI)

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