Perks of `first class` travellers may make economy travellers suffer

New York, Sept. 6 (ANI): Here are a few perks for first class airline passengers which would lead to suffering of the economy travellers.

Airlines will offer chauffeur driven cars to help their premier travellers to connect them directly to the airport. Airlines use Mercedes Benz and Porsches to transport their `best` passengers.

They will create their own entrance at major airports and private lounges for their most prized passengers, where they will be offered free snacks and drinks, Fortune reports.

According to Karen Walker, the editor-in-chief of Air Transport World, airlines would offer onboard butlers and nannies in the front of the plane, who will look after the passenger’s comfort.

Certain aviation companies, in the future, would provide their frequent first-class flyers an upgrade to their private jets.

Executive-class `smart seats` have the function of helping passengers relax on board. Now, the next step will be integrating sensor technology fitted in the seats which will tell the traveler’s level of relaxation or stress level and their blood pressure.

There would be ‘no waiting` for the elite travelers. Airlines will work even harder to minimise their wait times and will bypass everyone. They will go from their car to the gate in 15 minutes for international flights.

Now for the economy class, air carriers have added new restrictions to their base economy class tickets, which make them almost completely non-refundable.

According to consumer advocates, passengers in the back of the plane were effectively subsidising these new luxuries by giving up personal space and accepting more restrictive terms on their tickets.

Basically, economy class passengers will pay for the amenities provided to first-class travellers without being able to enjoy them. (ANI)

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