Petition to scrap new £5 note due to use of animal fat

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In a way you could say history may just be repeating itself as the The Bank of England confirmed this week that the £5 note contains traces of tallow, a substance made from animal fat, prompting a social media backlash from British vegans and vegetarians.

The last time the British government chose to use tallow in India (army issue bullet cartridges), it lead to the Mutiny of 1857.

Like then now too there is much opposition growing with vegans and vegetarians protesting the loudest for now and they plan to boycott the new plastic £5 note.

So far the petition has gained almost 100,000 signatures to get to the Bank of England to remove tallow from bank notes.

Tallow is the fat that surrounds a cow’s organs and is often used in soaps and candles.

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The petition says: “The new £5 notes contain animal fat in the form of tallow. This is unacceptable to millions of vegans & vegetarians, Hindus, Sikhs and Jains in the UK. We demand that you cease to use animal products in the production of currency that we have to use.”

Signatories to the petition labelled the bank notes “disgusting, “unnecessary” and “unethical”. Many expressed concern at the potential exploitation of animals.

The UK could soon have to start demonetizing the £5 note!

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