Photographic binary on ancient and emerging cities to be on view

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New Delhi, Aug 8 (IANS) A photographic tale of two cities — one a historic city now in ruins, and the other taking birth from Indian soil — will be on exhibition at India International Centre (IIC) here from August 10.

Titled “A Tale of Two Cities: Hampi & Newtown”, the exhibition is the result of a “photographic study of urban memory” by photojournalist Rajib De, and showcases the stark contrast between Hampi and Newtown.

Karnataka’s Hampi, a thriving polis between the 14th and 17th centuries, now lies deserted and silent, devoid of its medieval glory.

However, the city of Newtown in West Bengal is still rising out of the rural soil, with a completely different photographic landscape.

The photography exhibition will seek to bring forth this visual binary of a great Indian city of the sleeping past and a future city waking into shape.

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Using the visual effect of black and white panoramic photographs, De’s work narrates the power of time and a city’s gradual rise to its prime, and then its inevitable downhill journey.

“There is a human connection between the splendour of Hampi in its medieval glory, and the new polis rising out of the fertile ploughed stretches and playfields of rural children in nascent Newtown today,” Kalyan Ray said about his work in a statement.

His photographs hint at the scenes of ordinary life in a busy city of the past, he added.

De has worked with The Telegraph, The Statesman, and The Bengal Post, and is currently employed with the Kolkata-based newspaper Sangbad Pratidin as their photo editor.

The exhibition will be open for public viewing from August 10-20.

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