Pilot project allowing dogs on GO trains from today

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A petition to allow dogs on GO trains got over 25,000 signatures and that has forced Metrolinx to officially launch a new pilot project allowing dogs on GO trains from July 20 to October 15.

In 2017, Metrolinx began reviewing its policies, and now, some change is taking effect. With rules and regulations, of course.

According to Metrolinx, riders will be allowed to bring two leashed dogs on GO and UP trains on weekdays from 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m., and after 6 p.m.

Riders will also be able to bring their dogs on board all day on weekends and holidays.

Dogs can still come on board during peak hours, but they must be in a carrier that fits in your lap or under your seat.

At all times, dogs will have to be kept on the lower level of the trains.

All other pets must be kept in a secure carrier at all times on board.

As for service animals, they can still ride at all times on weekdays, weekends, and holidays.

It’s true that riders are already allowed to bring dogs on the train in a secure carrier, but this might make a difference in pet owners deciding to bring their dogs on board at all.

Metrolinx is set to monitor how the project goes and decide on allowing dogs on leashes on board after the pilot ends October 15.

While many commuters would welcome the proposal to have dogs on GO trains, others would have concerns that range from a phobia of dogs to religious restrictions. Others could be put off by dog odor, some asthma patients could be worried about dog fur.

And God forbid someone gets bitten. – CINEWS

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