Pink Attitude recognizes women of substance

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Last month Pink Attitude gave out awards recognizing exceptional South Asian women who’ve made their mark in the social, political and economic sphere.
Pink Attitude is the brainchild of Ruby Dhillon, an enterprising young professional who started it in order to highlight genuine success stories among South Asian women. “I wanted to create a platform and highlight success stories, because girls have not had it easy. The women we recognize are told they need to be role models. Pink Attitude also recognized men who’ve played a significant part in a woman’s life.
Pink Attitude Evolution was held 15 April at the Dreams Convention Centre, Brampton. It was classy to say the least and about 500 prominent people made the scene.

The Pink team

Gurdeep Ahuluwalia, Anchor at TSN Sports Centre hosted the show. Other speakers included Angie Seth, Reporter at Global News, Jake Dheer, of Rogers TV, and Michael ‘Pinball’ Clemons a sporting icon.
The women who received the awards were there were different reasons. For example, Seema Gill, a Breast cancer survivor was one of them. Her’s was a powerful story of hope, strength and courage.
All the awardees shared their personal stories of triumph. CP24’s Breakfast co-host and anchor Pooja Handa spoke about her rise and rise. Sonia Jhas talked about fitness and her dreams. Other awardees were entrepreneurs like Jaswant Kular and her three daughters who started their own line of Indian spices and recipes under the brandname Jaswant’s Kitchen. Other awardees were Nancy Sahota, co-founder, The Peacock Parade Inc and Gurwinder Gill, Regional director, Health Equity & Inclusion, William Osler Health System. Pink 16 Attitude also raised
Each one of these women had the guests mesmerized by their inspiring stories. Their climb up the ladder didn’t happen suddenly or easily, it required a lot of oomph, attitude and hard work and not to add a dose of passion.
The Woman Of The Year was Honorable Bardish Chagger, Minister of Small Business and Tourism.
Can-India caught up with some of these remarkable women. Here are their stories.

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I grew up in Waterloo. My father was very active in the community and we were always at the table and part of the conversation. I was lucky to be part of those conversations as well.
At 13 was knocking on doors and putting up signs for my father. I loved it.
Advice for young people aspiring for leadership roles
We need all young people getting into politics, science or management to keep eye on the prize and there will be people to support you on the way and there will be people who will say you can’t do it. You need to be focused on what you want to do if you want to achieve the success that is important to you.
What does it take to be a good politician?
When entering politics it’s important to enter for the right reasons. I am not in politics for myself but for the nation, my Canada is an inclusive Canada and I believe like the PM that Canada is strong not in our differences but because of them. That’s the voice I would like to be part of and it is important to remember that we are all here to build a better Canada.

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What does Pink Attitude mean to you?
It means being authentic, to be a success you must have the courage to go out there and do what it takes. When I was younger I wanted to be pediatrician like most Indians, I wanted to believe I could do it, but in high school I realized wasn’t very good at science. So I got an MBA degree, changed careers.
Later I jumped into fitness. I became a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist.
The process of self-discovery is never ending. I got tremendous support from family and friends. I got married, my husband supported the fact I broke the mold and he like my family always let me pursue my passion.
They were happy I got married, he supportive I was break the mold he and my family always let me pursue my passion.
We sold our fitness studio before I had our baby, but soon I plan to take the fitness studio idea and launch it in a couple of different directions. Meanwhile I’ve built my social media platform to over 200,000 people. I am on Instagram. Life is good. – CINEWS

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