Pink city Jaipur organises bicycle rally to create pollution awareness

Jaipur, Dec. 27 (ANI): As India battles the rising levels of pollution, Jaipur city on Sunday organised a bicycle rally to promote awareness on pollution.

Around 500 participants across the city participated in the rally.

“This is a social cause event and I am grateful to the residents of Jaipur who have actively participated in the event. There are a few supporters like DENA Bank, Mapple Production and others who financially supported us. This is a social event especially meant to promote health and safety,” said an event organizer, Ajit Soni.

People from all age groups, including ex-army servicemen, participated in the event.

“Today during the global warming, when the world is suffering after causing harm to the nature, we planned an initiative to create awareness amongst people. Creating awareness is the motive of this rally,” said another event organizer, Manoj Bharadwaj.

The idea behind the rally was to create awareness about health, global warming and its ill effects and the importance of cycling.

The World Health Organisation said last year that 13 of the world’s 20 most polluted cities were in India, with New Delhi the worst.

India is the number three greenhouse emitter behind China and the United States, and likely to be number two by 2040. (ANI)

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