PM has dubious distinction, world record of obstruction: Congress

New Delhi, Dec. 31 (ANI): The Congress Party on Thursday alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has the dubious distinction and world record of obstruction and accused the BJP-led NDA Government of practicing vendetta politics.

Congress leader Anand Sharma, who was reacting to Prime Minister Modi’s reach to the opposition for smooth functioning of Parliament next year, said there would have been a better functioning environment both inside and outside the Parliament if the Prime Minister had given up his confrontatious mindset after the elections and shed his arrogance.

“The Prime Minister needs to be reminded that the Congress has more positive mindset and approach as compared to his and his party which has the dubious distinction and world record of disruption and obstruction,” he added.

Sharma accused the ruling BJP of opposing every move of the former UPA Government to open up the Indian economy and liberalise the FDI regime.

“They opposed FDI opening up in multi-brand retail. They opposed for seven years the Insurance Bill. They opposed the FDI in Civil Aviation and the list is a long one,” he said.

Sharma categorically said that the Congress does not play partisan politics.

“We have raised three fundamental issues and the government has conveyed to us what their thinking is. I am sure that those issues once they get fully addressed will give to India and its people a GST which will be transformative and also trigger faster economic developments. But that is not going to happen overnight. It needs to be reminded that the purpose of GST is also to bring down the transaction cause and the burden both on the producer that’s the industry and the consumers. And we must ensure that we give a GST which makes the Indian manufacturing exports globally more competitive,” said Sharma.

“We have not opposed just for the sake of it. And if there has been delayed progress or slow progress, it is because of the attitude of the government. The Prime Minister has chosen to brazen out any issue that the opposition has raised be it the unacceptable utterances and the vituperative words used by his ministers and senior leaders of his party,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi earlier urged all the political parties to take a resolution for 2016 that they will let the Parliament function and work for the benefit of poor.

“I urge all political parties that the people of India have elected us to discuss, debate, deliberate in Parliament. It is our duty,” he said after laying the foundation stone of ambitious Delhi-Meerut Expressway project in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. (ANI)

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