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Tokyo, July 7 (ANI): Japan is trying to woo foreign visitors by promoting its famous tourist destinations.

In a recently held ‘Visit Japan Asia Travel Mart 2015′, an expo organised by the Japan National Tourism Organisation, many Japanese private and public sector representatives interacted with the travel agencies from Asia.

Shuichi Kameyama, Executive Director, Inbound Promotion Department, Japan National Tourism Organisation, said, “The most popular places in Japan are Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Mt. Fuji. So many foreign travelers visit these areas. Japan has a lot more to explore. We want them to visit local areas from Hokkaido to Okinawa.”

Japan has also been promoting Ise-Shima, the home to Japan’s most sacred Shinto shrines, where G7 Summit Conference will be held in 2016.

The region is popular for its seafood.

Orie Iwasaki and Nana Fu, participants from Ise-Shima, said, “Ise lobster, abalone, oysters and lot more! We have oysters in both winter and summer. You can eat oysters in summer too.”

Travel agencies from Asia find Japan an attractive tourist destination.

Nguyen Thi Minh Nguyet, Business Development Manager, One Travel International when asked which place in Japan is the most interesting, said, “We want to introduce to our guests to Hokkaido and Gifu.”

Nguyet further said that Gifu was known for its old ancient houses, and was a perfect time to visit in winter.

The houses appear differently during summer and winter.

Many Indian travel agencies also participated in the expo and find Japan as attractive place for tourists. They also wish Japanese tourists visit India.

Umang Madan, Senior Manager, Private Travel, Abercrombie & Kent, said, “Not many Indians are visiting Japan as tourists. It will help us to bring more traffic to Japan.”

Gaurav Batra, Director, Red Carpet Tour Pvt. Ltd., “People from Japan can also visit India as a destination because India’s got a huge potential too .. “

He also said, ” “Yes, And people from India are also willing to visit Japan. So we try to promote it as much as possible.”

In addition to lure tourists, Japan is also attracting manufacturers from Asia to adopt their technology.

In a recently held Manufacturing World Japan Expo a large number of companies participated to find and adopt new technologies.

NEC showcased its 3D Virtual Reality Simulation at the event.

The special glasses enable users to see 3D Virtual Reality. It will help them to fix certain manufacturing lines including the space, height and much more.

Yukihide Seki, Representative, NEC Corporation, “We have many factories in Asia, including China and Thailand. We are using this software in some of these places. We are planning to develop this business and implement it for many clients.”

Nakamichi Iron Works Co., LTD. from Tokushima also participated in the expo.

It showcased turnstile parts-feeder technology which is used to array parts in a manufacturing line to enhance operation efficiency. Conventional parts-feeder is shaking-style, which arrays small parts by shaking them.

It reduces CO2 emissions and power consumption by 90 per cent.

This technology has made the company to earn a prize at Manufacturing Japan Award. They now deals with top manufacturing companies at home and abroad.

Masatoshi Nakamichi, Senior Managing Director, Nakamichi Iron Works Co., Ltd, said, “We received government subsidy of sixty million yen and now we are making a new machine. It will be released next year. We never stop progressing. It’s important to keep moving forward.”

Japan is aggressively contributing by introducing newer technologies to enhance global production. (ANI)

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