PM Modi expected to stress on consultation between UNSC, `peace keepers`

New York, Sept. 24 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address world leaders’ summit, where he is expected to talk about the requirement of United Nations Security Council consulting the countries that provide troops in the peace keeping operations.

“India has been the single largest troop contributor to the peace keeping operations of the United Nations. This year we would pass out 185,000 cumulatively rotated through the UN system over 44 missions out of the 69 mandated so far,” Asoke Mukerji, Permanent Representative of India to UN told the media here.

“The time has come for India to expect the US peace keeping system to take on board its concerns which have been expressed, especially, in the last four years on the way UN peacekeeping is conducted,” he added.

“The Prime Minister last year and this year has been talking about activating the requirement for the Security Council to consult countries which provide troops in the peace keeping operations and we have invoked Article 44 of the UN Charter for this. So, this is something we expect would be taken on board,” he further said.

Mukerji asserted that the summit would also take note of the availability of skilled Indian personnel, not only ordinary soldiers but also skilled and educated soldiers.

“The third area will be the protection of civilians. I think among most of the troop contributing countries of the United Nations, India is one country which has perhaps, the deepest and the largest experience of what it actually means to be asked to be mandated to protect civilians during a peace keeping operation. We would like this summit to take on board our experience and build on it so that we make it effective on the ground,” he said.

The aim of the peacekeeping summit, which Prime Minister Modi will address in the afternoon on September 28, is to discuss ways to make UN peacekeeping operations safer and effective at a time when such missions have become challenging across the world. (ANI)

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