PM Modi has gifted Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallya to nation: Congress

New Delhi, Mar.11 (ANI): The Congress Party on Friday alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who made tall claims prior to the Lok Sabha polls, has presented two gifts Non-Returning Indian (NRI) Lalit Modi and Non-Repaying Indian (NRI) Vijay Mallya to the nation.

Congress leader Randeep Sujrewala alleged that there was a direct involvement of the BJP-led NDA Government in Mallya fleeing the nation without any hindrance.

“The CBI registers an FIR against Vijay Mallya on July 29, 2015. They carry all the investigations, but do not arrest him. On October 12, 2015, the CBI issues a lookout notice at all the airports in which it was written that Mallya should be detained. On November 23, 2015, the agency without any reason amend that notice and converts it into an information notice and not into a detention notice,” Sujrewala told the media here.

“This matter raises some serious questions. Was there the involvement of government in helping Mallya to run out of this country? Why was the lookout notice of the CBI amended? Why is the Finance Minister and all his officials trying to justify themselves? The Modi Government should answer as to who helped Mallya to flee? How is his government going to recover the debt from Mallya?” he asked.

Meanwhile, Mallya today rubbished claims that he had absconded from the country.

In a series of tweets, the liquor baron said he is an international businessman, who travels from India frequently, and added that he is not an absconder.

Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha, Ghulam Nabi Azad, yesterday accused the NDA Government of helping Mallya escape India.

“This government is part and party in the criminal conspiracy in him fleeing the country. Without the help of the government, he could not have escaped,” the Congress leader said.

“Vijay Mallya is not a needle that can’t be found. He is a tall and well-endowed man who can be seen from 1 km away. He doesn’t travel alone; instead he is always accompanied by ‘hoors’ and he disappears?” he said.

The Supreme Court had on Wednesday brushed aside a plea by Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi to direct Mallya to appear personally before the court to force him to come back to India.

The case will be next heard on March 30.

The SBI, which leads a consortium of 17 lenders to King Fisher Airlines, declared Mallya wilful defaulter last month. Besides the SBI, United Bank of India (UBI) and Punjab national Bank (PNB) have also declared Mallya as wilful defaulter. (ANI)

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