PM Modi invites security partner Moscow to become partner in prosperity

Moscow, Dec. 24 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is on a two-day visit to Russia for the 16th Annual Summit, on Thursday invited Moscow to become India’s partner in prosperity just as it has stayed a partner in security.

Prime Minister Modi, who was addressing the CEO forum, said that Russia would always remain a vital partner of India, not only in energy and mineral resources, but in cutting edge technologies too.

“I am here to invite our partner in security to become partner in prosperity also. Russia has and will always be a vital and long-term partner, not only in energy and mineral resources, but in cutting edge technologies too,” he said.

“The good news is that our trade and business relations are becoming vibrant. A number of Russian and Indian companies are working together,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi also said that from the cooperation between the two nations was moving ahead from Hydrocarbons ‘to the hardest form of carbon – diamonds’.

The Prime Minister also said that Russia had a huge scope of being a part of the Make in India campaign.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also said that high tech, innovation, energy, aircraft building, pharma and diamonds were promising areas for India-Russia cooperation.

The two leaders also agreed to institutionalise the CEO’s Forum with two meetings annually: one in India and one in Russia.

After the talks, the two sides are expected to sign a number of pacts to expand cooperation in key areas including defence, nuclear energy, hydrocarbons and trade.

Earlier, the Prime Minister paid his tribute to the famed valour of Russia’s soldiers by laying wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

During the day, Prime Minister Modi visited EMERCOM -the National Crisis Management Centre, NCMC, in Moscow. He was given an overview of the actual functioning and real-time monitoring operations of the Centre. He was also informed in detail about the coordination among various disaster-relief agencies, which is done by this Centre. The space monitoring and 3D modelling capabilities were also explained.

The Prime Minister took keen interest in the disaster prevention and response activities being coordinated by the Centre, as well as its global outreach. He described the work being done by the Centre as a great service to humanity. (ANI)

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