PM Modi is ‘sangh rakshak’ of BJP leaders spreading religious intolerance, says Sharad Yadav

Patna, Oct.14 (ANI): Janata Dal(United) president Sharad Yadav on Wednesday criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for voicing his opinion on the Dadri lynching case after so much delay and described the latter as the ‘protector’ of all BJP leaders who were polarising the Dadri incident and giving it a communal angle.

“PM Modi was observed protecting the BJP leaders and other Cabinet ministers who used unacceptable language at Dadri and allowed religious intolerance. This incident happened only after Godhra and Muzaffarnagar. The Prime Minister is the only sangh rakhsak(protector),” Yadav told ANI here.

“When the Prime Minister speaks about something, then his voice represents the entire country. He spoke so late on the Dadri incident, and that too after he was pressurised by the opposition. Condemning the incident so late is not right, Prime Minister Modi should have immediately spoken on the Dadri incident,” Yadav added.

Voicing his opinion clearly for the first time over the Dadri lynching and the cancellation of the Ghulam Ali concert, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said they were ‘sad’ incidents indeed, but asserted that the Centre could not be blamed. He also lashed out at the opposition, accusing them of playing ‘politics of polarisation’. (ANI)

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