PM Modi offers aid to earthquake hit Pak, Afghanistan

New Delhi, Oct. 26 (ANI): Expressing grave concern about the strong <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>earthquake in Afghanistan-Pakistan region, Prime Minster Narendra Modi has asked for an urgent assessment of the situation and offered assistance.

“Heard about strong <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>earthquake in Afghanistan-Pakistan region whose tremors have been felt in parts of India. I pray for everyone’s safety. I have asked for an urgent assessment and we stand ready for <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>assistance where required, including <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>Afghanistan and Pakistan,” he tweeted.

The <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>earthquake epicentred in the Hindukush mountain range in <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>Afghanistan struck at around 2.40 PM, sending shockwaves across several states in North India.

The US Geological Survey originally said the quake had a 7.7 magnitude, but later downgraded it to 7.5. It said the quake was 120 miles deep and centred 51 miles south-east of Feyzabad in a remote northern area of <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>Afghanistan in the Hindu Kush mountain range.

The tremors lasted for more than a minute and people were seen evacuating buildings as a safety measure.

Delhi Metro temporarily halted their <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>services. Phone lines are down in Srinagar due to the <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>earthquake. (ANI)

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